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The TipTop App Gives You The Best Of Everything In NYC

A new Betaworks app does away with stars, grades, reviews, and Zagat's 30-point scale to simply focus on NYC's "best" (pizza, brunch, food truck, etc.).

The TipTop App Gives You The Best Of Everything In NYC

[Image: Flickr user KendraMillerPhotography]

Betaworks, the company that made Digg cool again, is testing TipTop, a nifty, local discovery web tool that surfaces the best of everything in New York City.

TipTop, which went live last night, doesn't bother itself with stars, grades, or long-winded reviews. Upon sign-up, TipTop will ask you to enter your neighborhood, then asks for your opinions on a few local spots in that area. You can then go on to upvote other users' picks or contribute your own "bests" by neighborhood in categories like brunch, pizza, bars, and date spots. When you go to search for the best X in a certain neighborhood—say, the "best soup dumpling" in "Chinatown"—TipTop will just give you the name of the spot that's been upvoted by the most people. (It's Joe's Shanghai, by the way.)

As someone who often doesn't like to spend too much time deciding where to go, it's easy for me to see the appeal of an app like TipTop. As the team describes, "sometimes we only want to single out the Best in one easy search."

As for the best place to model your Google Glass? Why, Warby Parker, of course.