Rent Sick Snowboarding Gear Peer-to-Peer From The Spinlister App

The “Airbnb for bikes” now has an Android app where it lists sports equipment, too.

Rent Sick Snowboarding Gear Peer-to-Peer From The Spinlister App
[Image: Flickr user Spirit-Fire]

Have a closet full of amazing sports gear collecting dust, but you’re just not quite ready to eBay or Craigslist that stuff?

Spinlister, which originally launched as an “Airbnb for bikes,” is now accepting skis and snowboards on its rental platform, as listed in the drop-down menu on its brand-new Android app. Expensive durable goods that get used just a few times a year seem like naturals for the sharing economy, although sizes and other personal preferences vary widely for skis and snowboards, so getting a critical mass of listings on the platform will be, well, critical. There are reportedly just 2,000 lonely bicycles available in the community.

An outside possibility is that Spinlister could be a candidate for acquisition by a larger sharing platform like Airbnb. Plenty of vacation home rentals on the platform already include the use of household items and equipment ranging from bikes to snowshoes to boogie boards, depending on the location.

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