10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Robot Jellyfish Slaughter, Social Media Mastery, And More

1. A Scientific Guide To Maximizing Your Impact On Twitter, Facebook, And Other Digital Media
Fast Company
When’s the best time to tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, and email newsletters? Social media can be confusing, and we’re here to help.

2. 10 Ways To Lose Your Best Employees
Fast Company
If you’re looking to drive off your best, most dynamic employees, keep doing these things.

3. These Robots Hunt Jellyfish–And Then Liquify Them With Rotating Blades Of Death
Huge herds of roaming jellyfish are becoming a huge problem in our oceans. But don’t worry, the JEROS robot is going to kill them.

4. Infographic: What Beer And Coffee Do To Your Brain (And Which Makes You More Creative)
You may think a cup of Joe and a pint of beer are interchangeable, but they do different things to your brain.

5. The Ultimate Beer Infographic Just Got Even More Ultimate
Just when you thought you couldn’t learn more about beer . . . you can, in 5 feet of infographic.

6. The Winners Of Our 2013 Innovation By Design Awards
Catch up on the winners of Fast Company‘s Innovation By Design Awards, where we narrowed down 1,200 entrants to just nine winners for the best in today’s design.

7. Apple Surpasses Coca-Cola To Become The Most Valuable Brand
Fast Company
After 13 years, Coca-Cola loses its throne as the most valuable brand in the world to Apple (and Google).

8. The Hacks Are Coming From Inside The Building
Fast Company
The story of how–and why–Fast Company hacked its own employees.

9. Nike’s 5 Lessons On Innovation By Design
Focus, direction, balance, and sketchbooks: how Nike thinks about design. A dispatch from Innovation by Design.

10. Meet One Of The Hackers Who Cracked Apple’s Touch ID
A conversation with Frank Rieger, one of the hackers who broke through Apple’s Touch ID.