• 10.04.13

Screaming Abe Lincoln Wants You to Visit Illinois

Mini Abe is vocal about Illinois attractions in funny new tourism spot.

We usually think of the 16th president as austere and brooding with a touch of depression (or as a vampire hunter). But Mini Abe is a zip-lining, river-boat-riding, skyscraper-climbing adventurer, cavorting through his home state in the latest installment of Illinois Tourism’s “Mini Abe” campaign from JWT Chicago. He’s downright spontaneous, which is what Illinois Office of Tourism wants for all of us, though maybe with less screaming.


JWT had introduced “Mini Abe” earlier this year with an Oscars tie-in spot. And, according to the Chicago Business Journal, tourism inquiries with are up 57% from last year. And, of course, as is the way in the ad world, no good campaign goes unpunished: the Chicago Business Journal also reports that the tourism office is looking for a new agency. See the new ad above and the previous Oscars spot below.

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