17_Tim Peters


Tim Peters, 43

VP and GM, Dell Imaging and Printing
Dell Inc.
Round Rock, Texas

When Dell entered the printer market in 2003, critics scoffed that it couldn’t compete against HP. Tim Peters has silenced doubters by making printing smarter. His team developed software that lets customers–and Dell–track their ink usage so Dell can send new ink automatically when needed. Peters included free recycling, meaning Dell picks up empty toner receptacles. “Now we’re delivering not just a printer but an ecological service,” he says. Nothing is left unanalyzed or unimproved. Dell’s new color laser printer includes ColorTrack software that lets businesses keep an eye on who’s using color printing and allow only those who need it to print in color, saving resources and money. No wonder Dell’s market share in inkjets, for example, grew from 5% in 2003 to 19% in 2004.