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Google Acquires Flutter, A Motion-Control Startup That's Like Kinect For Your Computer

Flutter's app that translates your hand gestures into computer actions could soon find its way into Google products like the Chromebook.

[Image: Flickr user Rainbow Lyf]

Google has acquired the startup Flutter, the creator of a motion-control app that turns your computer's webcam into an "eye" that can detect your hand gestures and translate them into actions that work in apps like iTunes, Netflix, and YouTube. For example, you could hold your hand flat in front of you like a stop signal to pause a song in iTunes. (Flutter's app has been described as a Kinect for your computer's OS.)

Flutter's website says existing users will be able to continue using the app, and although they don't share any details about what they'll be working on at Google, it's likely the Flutter team will work on technology for either Chrome or the Chromebook—Flutter already has a Chrome extension.

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