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Where Are They Now?

Samsung, Did You Have To Spy On Apple And Nokia's Licensing Deal?

Samsung is said to be in very serious legal trouble for allegedly spying on court-protected details on the private, secret licensing deal Nokia and Apple made.

Samsung, Did You Have To Spy On Apple And Nokia's Licensing Deal?

[Image: Flickr user Kai Hendry]

Allegations of corporate espionage are nothing new, but Samsung is now alleged to have brazenly carried out a particularly wicked version of the activity at a really terrible time. As in legally terrible: During the ongoing Apple-Samsung lawsuit, Samsung reportedly accessed documents that set out the details of Apple's IP licensing deal with Nokia.

These documents were disclosed to the court but, due to the economically charged issue of knowing exactly what your rivals have agreed in secret, they were never supposed to reach Samsung executive's eyes. Yet far from being for "attorney's eyes only," some 50 Samsung staff saw and shared unredacted copies, as well as data on Apple's deals with Ericsson, Philips and Sharp. has the full story, but suffice it to say the judge involved is not content with Samsung's explanations.

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