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Muzik's Smart Heaphones Are Coming To Best Buy

They're like Google Glass for your ears, and they're going on sale October 20.

Muzik's Smart Heaphones Are Coming To Best Buy

Image courtesy of Muzik

Back in July, we called muzik's smart headphones "Google Glass for your ears." They come with built-in hotkeys that do cool stuff like allow you to share the track you're listening to on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Rdio, or directly with a friend. The headphones also use an accelerometer to detect when you take them off so they can pause your track.

If you've been itching to get your hands on these things, we are happy to report that you can now do that at Best Buy locations across the country starting October 20, well in time for the holiday season. In addition—and this is exciting—muzik will soon open up its API to third-party developers. Imagine that—apps for your headphones!

At $299, the on-ear headphones aren't exactly cheap, but there's an in-ear version available for $129. Now all we need is the iWatch and Google Glass to be all decked out for the party.