• 10.03.13

Creepy Halloween-Style Masks Show The Terrifying Effects Of Smoking

HealthExpress wants you to gaze into the face of your smoking future.

Instead of dressing up as Jigsaw or Ghostface or Miley for Halloween this year, you might consider going as emphysema or throat cancer. As part of its Stop Smoking Campaign, U.K.-based online clinic HealthExpress sent actors into the streets wearing life-like masks that display the long-term effects of smoking. Unsurprisingly, they freaked the bejeezus out of people.


The masks show the effects of smoking on two 40-year-old males and a 30-year-old female, including premature aging, teeth rotting, and even a bulging throat tumor. They were created by prosthetics experts in consultation with doctors, and are so detailed, that they took two months to complete. The masks have been deployed across the U.K. in cities known to have high smoking populations and are part of HealthExpress’ “Stoptober” anti-smoking campaign. For now Americans are safe from these frightening faces, but plenty of us could use a good scare.

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