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Another Curved Smartphone? LG Preps The "G Flex"

Apple defined the flat, all-glass smartphone genre, and now both LG and Samsung are looking to distinguish their phones by making them bend.

Another Curved Smartphone? LG Preps The "G Flex"

[Image: Flickr user Kathy]

LG is rumored to be releasing a smartphone bearing a distinctive curved screen and body as soon as November. It will call the phone the G Flex, and it will have a 6-inch screen, which that makes it more of a phablet than a smartphone.

LG is known to be working on plastic OLED substrates, a technology that can create curved and, indeed, flexible displays that in every other way work just like a typical on-glass phone screen. The company showed a 5-inch version to the public, and in May released a mammoth 55-inch OLED TV panel with a pronounced curve.

Samsung is also expected to release a curved-display smartphone soon, and acknowledged that it was considering the technology for many future products. The curved screens would certainly make the phone stand out from the crowd, (remember the famous curved Nokia 8110 dumbphone featured in The Matrix?) but it remains unclear if the public will embrace the idea, since having a curved display may affect how gestures "feel" on the touchscreen. Last year there was a purported leak of a curved iPhone design, but Apple seems to have stuck with its iconic flat blank slate design.