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The Black Market Drug Site Silk Road Is Shuttered—And Its Owner Is Arrested

"Dread Pirate Roberts," aka Ross William Ulbricht—the operator of online drug market Silk Road—is behind bars.

The Black Market Drug Site Silk Road Is Shuttered--And Its Owner Is Arrested

[Image: Flickr user]

According to reports at, Ross Ulbricht, aka "Dread Pirate Roberts," has been arrested and charged with knowingly violating U.S. narcotics law. His infamous website, the Silk Road, has seemingly been seized and shuttered and the URL now merely sends users to a notice stating that the site has been seized.

Ulbricht was recently the subject of a big feature in Forbes, in which he explained a bit about his illegal drugs website—which he valued at between a 10- and 11-figure sum—and talked about how he had to maintain some paranoia about being caught, as he suspected he'd face life in prison. Roberts' name, inspired by a character from the Princess Bride, is probably going to appear in many headlines in the near future.