• 10.02.13

Honda Puts Snack Brands On Notice With Twitter-Based Vacuum Campaign

Following up its celebrity-larded TV campaign, Honda touts its vacuum with a playful Twitter attack on messy food brands.

If you happen to drive a kid-packed minivan, then you know how messy (not to mention grimy, icky and sticky) that car can be. Honda decided to fix this perennial problem, and now its Odyssey comes souped up with an in-car vacuum cleaner–something the brand and agency RPA heralded with a spot campaign starring Rainn Wilson and Neil Patrick Harris.


To further publicize the innovation, the car company is now tweeting at crumb offenders like Doritos, Orville Popcorn, and Skittles, warning them that any of their kind that ends up on the floor of a Honda will meet a vacuumed end. Not even breath mints are safe from twitter attacks: “To the @altoids that fall on the floor–hope you don’t mind curiously strong suction.” The more Honda puts the vacuum smack down, the wider its reach; now the targeted brands are tweeting back, like this tweet from Taco Bell: “@honda, your vacuum cleaner sucks. No really.” See some of the tweets and responses below.

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