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BitTorrent Experiments With Secure Chat

BitTorrent is the latest company to respond to secure Internet demands with a decentralized (and more secure) chat system.

BitTorrent Experiments With Secure Chat

[Image: Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski]

BitTorrent has just announced its latest project: A private chat platform that runs on secure, distributed computers. BitTorrent Chat is a "pre-Alpha experiment in server-less messaging" from the aggressively mainstreaming company; the chat service is one of their latest attempts to attract new users.

Christian Averill of BitTorrent said via email that "It’s too soon to predict where this idea will go, but we have a vision for serverless chat that is private, secure, and free. As with all of our experiments, we are inviting members of our community to help us work on this project. It’s early still, so just a small number will be invited in. But we are accepting applicants through our labs page now."

Details on how the service works—or whether the model is more similar to BitTorrent or a conventional IM service—are sketchy as of press time, but BitTorrent says it relies primarily on encrypted peer-to-peer networks.

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