• 10.02.13

Banksy Launches “Artist Residency” On The Streets Of New York

And yes, there’s even an audio guide.

Banksy Launches “Artist Residency” On The Streets Of New York
The street is in play Manhattan

After unveiling a teaser last month, Banksy has launched his latest stateside art show in New York City. The British artist is exhibiting his newest works on the streets–starting with the one seen above, in Chinatown–and on a new website.


According to his site, the show “Better Out Than In” will run throughout October and includes an audio guide that is clearly a piss-take of more earnest exhibitions. Viewers and fans can listen in while on the street by calling a toll free number.

The toll free number

The guide describes Banksy’s style as “life-size characters viewed at a level perspective in monochrome. This effect is achieved by spraying automotive spray paint through an intricately cut shape in a piece of cardboard. Or to give it it’s proper term, ‘cheating.'”

On what the artist is trying to say with the piece, the guide asks “Is this a response to the primal urge to take the tools of our oppression and turn them into mere playthings? Or perhaps it’s a post-modern comment on how the signifiers of objects have become as real as the objects themselves… Are you kidding me? Who writes this stuff?”

According to the Village Voice, the Chinatown piece has already been vandalized.

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