Hailo’s NYC E-Hailing App Now Supports Instant, In-App Payments

The taxi e-hailing app Hailo now allows NYC passengers to pay for their rides without cash or credit cards–just step out of the cab.

Hailo’s NYC E-Hailing App Now Supports Instant, In-App Payments
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Now that NYC’s yearlong e-hail pilot program has been underway for about six months, the e-hailing app Hailo is rolling out a new feature today that allows passengers to simply walk out of their cab without handing over cash or swiping a credit card and receive an instant receipt for their ride via email. This makes Hailo the first e-hailing app to integrate with both CMT and VeriFone, the city’s two approved taxi payment processors.

Hailo is one of the better-known e-hailing apps in New York City, alongside Uber‘s UberTAXI. The two have been in competition for the city’s taxicab-riding urbanites since before either was even allowed to legally operate taxi hailing apps in the city. Before today, both apps’ taxicab hailing services in NYC required you to pay your driver in person, versus through the app.

Here’s how the new Hailo NYC app works: When you open up the app, you’ll be prompted to store your card details and set a tip percentage. Every time you hail a VeriFone-equipped cab (there are 12,000 of them in NYC), the app will trigger an automatic payment that allows you to simply walk out of the car and have Hailo instantly email you a receipt. Previously, Hailo users could use their phones to hail a taxi, but not to pay for the ride; that had to happen the usual way, with cash or card.

Hailo is offering a promotional $0.01 fee for the first 10,000 passengers to hail a ride through the updated app. After that, Hailo will charge a $0.99 fee for most rides, and $1.99 for rides during peak times (Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.).

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