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Moleskine And Paper App Partner To Turn Your Drawings Into Beautiful Books

In a partnership made in heaven, Paper and Moleskine have launched a book printing service.

The Paper app is already all kinds of ridiculously wonderful (if you've not heard about it, check it out immediately), and the Moleskine brand has long shown it's both true to its image and innovative—especially in the face of the digital publishing revolution. So the fact these two have partnered up should lead to something rather special. And that's exactly what Book is.

At heart, it's a simple idea: You create a digital notepad of images and text in the Paper app, click the right button, and a printer somewhere will churn out a 15-page actual book printed on sustainable matte paper, with pages that unfurl into a long banner if you like.

But the fact that Paper is such a natural way to sketch and write on the iPad means its images look amazing. And the final printed book, which is in either a custom cover or a hardcover, is steeped in the design chic and simple joy of a physical book that Moleskine delivers. You do pay $40 for the privilege, but that's a fee you can probably justify if, for example, you really wanted to impress a client or deliver a really stand-out resume.