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10. James Schamus

Chief executive officer of Focus Features

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    Focus Features

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    Taking Woodstock Cast | Focus Features

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    Brokeback Mountain Cast | Creative Commons

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Perhaps the only person in Hollywood who can rival Meryl Streep's versatility is James Schamus. In addition to being a CEO, he's a veteran screenwriter, Columbia University film professor, producer, marketer, distributor, and sometime composer. "There's nobody else like him in the entire industry," says Bill Mechanic, former chairman of 20th Century Fox Filmed Entertainment. "For a writer of his caliber to choose to be an executive is completely abnormal." Schamus, 49, cofounded Focus in 2002. Known for its sophisticated and daring film slate, Focus produced Oscar winners Milk and Lost in Translation. Coming soon: Taking Woodstock, Schamus's latest screenplay for director Ang Lee. — by Chuck Salter