72. Saul Griffith

Inventor of cofounder of Makani Power

At 35, Saul Griffith is already a prolific–and eclectic–inventor and entrepreneur. He has helped launch a half-dozen startups around his creations: a portable machine that makes cheap corrective lenses; a hand-powered gen-erator for recharging handheld devices; Instructables, a Web site for sharing do-it-yourself projects; and a play-ful science education site for kids. His latest company, Makani Power, is building huge kite turbines to convert high-altitude wind into energy (Google’s investment: $15 million). “I very much enjoy the process of creating something new,” says Griffith, an avid kite surfer, “so my hobbies get entangled with my work.” — by Chuck Salter

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Chuck Salter is a senior editor at Fast Company and a longtime award-winning feature writer for the magazine.In addition to his print, online and video stories, he performs live reported narratives at various conferences, and he edited the Fast Company anthologies Breakthrough Leadership, Hacking Hollywood, and #Unplug.



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