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Blockbuster Ad “Dumb Ways To Die” Gets A “GTA V” Parody

YouTuber Brian Simon combines the Cannes-winning cautionary song and the hottest video game in the world right now, with viral results.

Blockbuster Ad “Dumb Ways To Die” Gets A “GTA V” Parody

Grand Theft Auto V gives its players more than ample opportunity to go to their video graves. The wildly successful game has such a cavalier attitude about death, in fact, that it moved one fan to refresh a cautionary song from last year on its behalf.

The Australian Metro ad, “Dumb Ways to Die” featured a catchy little tune about all the methods of dying as avoidable as, say, getting hit by the subway. The ad went on to clean up at Cannes last fall and inspire a respectable number of parodies. It turns out there was room for one more, however, as “Dumb Ways to Die In GTA V” uses the song format as a showcase for some of the gnarlier death traps of the new game.

Created by YouTuber Bryan Simon, the Video Game Song Guy responsible for past send-ups of Minecraft and Call of Duty: Ghosts, the new song helpfully catalogs GTA V‘s not-so-subtle send-offs, such as flying a plane into a blimp. The song not only recounts some of the misguided choices you can make as a player (suicide by cop), but some of the questionable concepts the makers of the game included (“fight a girl with PMS” is one of the titular deaths.) The ultimate irony of a song urging caution being used in this context is finally acknowledged toward the end of the song, with the line: “Of course you’ll respawn, but at least you’ll know.”

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