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Where Are They Now?

China Is Going Crazy For Gold IPhone Stickers

Apple's gold iPhone has driven a new craze for stick-on covers that are almost like the real thing.

China Is Going Crazy For Gold IPhone Stickers

[Image: Flickr user Kolin Toney]

Apple's gold-colored iPhone 5S is causing a Chinese craze for stickers that can make non-gold iPhones look like the real thing, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Yup, folks are plopping down $2 or more for stickers that wrap around the iPhone's metal frame and back so they appear white or "space gray" no longer. The craze is partly thanks to Apple's supply of gold iPhones, which seems to have lagged behind demand so much that the company is said to have doubled the production rate. And since it's hard to find the fabled gold phone in stores, a set of stickers can do the trick, and come with the double bonus of protecting your phone from minor dings and scratches.

Considering many people jam their precious iPhone in a case, you may be wondering why there's so much fuss about the gold iPhone in the first place. And yes, there's been a considerable interest in gold-colored iPhone cases for ages, long before there were even gold iPhones. But a quick peep at some Google analytics shows a huge spike in people searching for gold cases in... oh, let's say the last month or so?

Sorry, Samsung. It looks like folks really do prefer a gold iPhone, no matter what you say about your devices.