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The Code War

John McAfee Is Developing A $100 Anti-NSA Gadget

The anti-virus software entrepreneur admitted that the D-Central gadget, which will create small, private networks, inaccessible to spooks, would probably be used for "nefarious" purposes.

John McAfee Is Developing A $100 Anti-NSA Gadget

[Image: Flickr user expertinfantry]

John McAfee, the founder of the eponymous anti-virus software firm that still bears his name, is developing a gadget he says will lock out government agencies or anyone trying to spy on an individual. The D-Central is a pocket-size gadget that communicates with devices to create local private networks, which The Verge says act like "a dark web that's inaccessible to others."

The device uses unique encryption, which McAfee claims is beyond the reach of the NSA (although, as BlackBerry discovered, nothing with the NSA lasts forever). Its range is small, with users able to access other users' files in about a one-and-a-half block radius.

The D-Central has been in development for some time, McAfee said, but was looking for partners to bring the project to fruition. "Of course it will be used for nefarious purposes," he said. "Just like the telephone is used for nefarious purposes." And should the device get banned in the U.S., then McAfee said that he would sell it "in England, Japan, the Third World."