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97. Michael Williams

Blogger, A Continuous Lean

97. Michael Williams

Michael Williams vows never to be seen in a Topshop—no European fast fashion for him. "Someone has to come out and support American manufacturing," says Williams, 31. And he has. In 2007, the Cleveland native launched A Continuous Lean, a men's style blog dedicated to all wares American-made. Since then he has hatched a mini-Americana empire: The American List, his compilation of brands manufactured in the U.S. (Cannondale got booted after closing its factory in Pennsylvania and moving to Taiwan); clothing collaborations with Cole Haan, Steven Alan, and Gant; Pop-Up Flea, a flash-store concept for local craftsmen and designers; and his PR and marketing firm, Paul + Williams, now the go-to hub for patriotic hipster brands like Mark McNairy and Levi's Vintage Clothing.