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84. Avner Ronen

CEO Cofounder, Boxee

  • 01 /03
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  • 03 /03

Avner Ronen, 34, has figured out how to make all the digital media you consume through various applications available in a free, easy-to-navigate, open-source portal that you can display on the biggest screen in your house, the TV. Boxee now has more than a million users; taps more than 300 sources of online video, music, and photos (including some pay partners such as Netflix); and has designed a box that lets you do everything without a PC, due later this year. Ronen has his nemeses (Hulu, Mark Cuban), but when it comes to the ubiquity of Web content on TV, he is as blunt as American Idol judge Simon Cowell: "It's not a matter of if but when."