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72. Tokujin Yoshioka

Designer, Tokujin Yoshioka Design

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Furniture, interiors, exhibitions, lighting—Tokujin Yoshioka, 43, has designed it all, collaborating with companies including BMW, Hermês, and Shiseido. Yoshioka loves to play with light and "with shape that doesn't have a shape," he says. At Milan this year, he showed the Invisibles, a polycarbonate line of Kartell chairs that make it look as if you're sitting on air, and the radiant Stellar chandelier, a Swarovski crystal orb that shines like a star. Last month in Seoul, he unveiled Rainbow Church, a blazing 25-foot installation of 500 crystal prisms inspired by Matisse's Rosaire chapel. At times, Yoshioka may seem more artist than designer, but he says design "gives shape to my emotional energy," a process that's only complete when someone uses what he has made.