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70. Jay Chou

Cofounder, JVR Music

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Once a behind-the-scenes guy who penned songs for other musicians and subsisted on instant ramen, Jay Chou has parlayed his wild success as a singer-songwriter—he reportedly made $17.5 million last year—into other ventures. His debut as a movie director, the 2007 film Secret, was an instant hit. When the film was released, he opened his second Mr. J restaurant in Taiwan, with servers wearing costumes from the film. Last year, the 31-year-old launched a dessert shop filled with Chou memorabilia; directed his first television series; and made his first foray into Hollywood, playing Kato in Michel Gondry's Green Hornet, set to release in December. This year, he says, will be devoted to music; his latest album debuted in May.