68. Caterina Fake

Cofounder, Hunch

Caterina Fake, 41, wants to build the Web’s ultimate “taste graph,” mapping and connecting every person to every entity from high-tops to hotels. Toward that end, the Flickr cofounder now has Hunch, a year-old site that helps people make decisions by comparing what it knows about them to what it knows about others like them. Based on data from its 1.5 million–plus users (who have answered nearly 50 million questions), Hunch–which has scored $19 million in funding–knows that cuff-link wearers, for example, are more likely to get kicked out of bars for rowdy behavior. “By that logic,” says Fake, who insists that her last name is real, “we can infer that they’d be more likely to want a hotel that’s downtown and has an active nightlife.”


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