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63. Robert Brunner

Partner, Ammunition Group

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A veteran of Pentagram and Apple—he preceded Jonathan Ive as director of industrial design—Robert Brunner, 51, has a decidedly activist goal for his own firm: to "grab a hold of people and try to help evolve their behavior." In addition to consulting on products including the Barnes & Noble Nook, Ammunition creates its own brands, such as Beats by Dr. Dre and Regen, a line of sleek, solar audio and lighting gear. A collaboration with clean-tech firm the Noribachi Group, "Regen isn't about solar electronics," Brunner, says, "but allowing people to create and use their own power." He plans to help Noribachi create 8 to 10 clean-tech companies. "It's not just a matter of commercializing a technology but doing it in a way that people will accept and bring into their lives," he says.