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61. Lisa Stone

Founder and CEO, BlogHer

  • 01 /03
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"Sometimes I feel like Lorne Michaels," says this mother of three and queen of the mommy bloggers. Like the Saturday Night Live chief, Lisa Stone, 43, identifies and grooms unique voices. Stone's network comprises 80 editors across 20 content areas on; 2,500 affiliated bloggers; and a directory of 25,000 blogs—covering topics such as politics, infertility, and gluten-free groceries—that attract more than 20 million unique visitors a month. Stone crossed over to digital from CNN a decade ago, propelled by the question: Where are the women online? BlogHer is her answer.

What if your biggest stumbling block

BlogHer would not exist a) if I didn't have 2 fantastic cofounders and we didn't love working together and b) if we hadn't made a commitment that the only way to work with women in an entirely new record-breaking technological environment was to listen as hard as we could and try to deliver services that they might be interested in.