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51. Corinna Lathan

Cofounder, AnthroTronix

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Corinna Lathan's R&D firm works on robot control on the International Space Station for NASA and data gloves to control a robot arm for bomb disposal for the Department of Defense, but what's even more impressive is a social robot that helps kids who need physical therapy. A trial at the Mayo Clinic found that therapy was more effective when children interacted with AnthroTronix's CosmoBot, which is expected to be among the first socially assistive robots to hit the market. A specialist in human-to-computer-interface technology, Lathan, 42, also double-majored in biopsychology and math at Swarthmore, has a master's in aeronautics and astronautics and a PhD in neuroscience from MIT—and has a clear understanding of people. "When you work with kids," she says, "you have to engage the child."