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38. Yugo Nakamura

Designer Founder, Tha

  • 01 /03
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Yugo Nakamura is the face of interface. A student of architecture, engineering, and landscape design, he has created cutting-edge multimedia Web sites for retailers Uniqlo and Muji and the interactive, info-packed home page for MoMA's Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition. Nakamura, 39, will tell you that he's simply "looking for a good balance between digital and creative work," but his prodigious output suggests bigger ambitions. He has begun marketing products such as Dropclock, a stunning screen saver created with fashion designer Issey Miyake that keeps time with Helvetica numbers slowly falling into glasses of water. This summer, he'll launch his "art frame," a display device for visual content. His goal, he says, is to "continue to make things that leave an impression—so I don't get bored."