26. Shmuel “Mooly” Eden

VP General Manager of PC Client Group, Intel

“We predict the landing zone, where we’re going to be two years, five years from now,” says Shmuel “Mooly” Eden. How will rural users charge netbooks? What are new uses for video? Will keyboards disappear? As Eden, 58, sees it, it’s up to Intel–and him–to decide: “The only way to predict the future is to invent it.” As head of Intel’s Israeli development center, the brash and garrulous engineer led the billion-dollar Pentium M project and later designed the Centrino chip. Now in charge of Intel’s PC-platform businesses, Eden has brought his exacting design sense and prolific use of F-bombs to the teams that create new chip sets and PC-related products. He loves to study how consumers use and will use technology–“I now understand the real impact of what I used to build,” he says–and he has become a favorite on the conference circuit. At one event, “I saw him get so excited that he tumbled right off the end of the platform,” recalls an analyst. “He kept right on talking.”


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