22. Andy Spade

Founder, Partners and Spade

Like any good ad man, Andy Spade, 48, has a slogan: The bigger you are, the smaller you act. “A company,” he says, “has to be like that person who turns his cuffs up a different way, who smokes a certain brand of cigarette, who wears an obscure vintage watch.” For J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler, Spade created a New York store in a former Tribeca bar that’s staffed with artists, writers, and creative people, and furnished with vintage pieces for a one-of-a-kind feel that Drexler loves: “Andy is, in a word, genius.” Spade recently designed an ax-and-log tote for Hudson’s Bay Co.; wrote and produced films that appeared at Cannes and Sundance; and published books of his iPhone photos on his company’s own HarperCollins imprint. Coming up: a New York boutique hotel, a fashion collection with Scoop founder Stefani Greenfield, and an AOL campaign shot by Chuck Close.