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12. Dr. C. Martin Harris

CIO, Cleveland Clinic

  • 01 /03
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  • 03 /03

When it comes to health-care IT standards, Dr. C. Martin Harris is the go-to expert, collaborating with patients, providers, businesses, and government to create truly transferable medical records. "The patient's health-care team—including the patient—should have access to their information," he says. Harris, 53, was tapped by President Obama to help draft the electronic-health-records mandate in the stimulus package, worked with Google on its health platform, and guided Microsoft on an innovative pilot in disease management. He's also stoking change in his day job, at the Cleveland Clinic: This year, the 5.9 million patient records managed by Harris's system will be used to create performance scorecards for doctors (read: compensation), with detailed, real-time measures of patient outcomes and satisfaction. In other words, he's bringing the dream of pay-for-quality medicine to life.