7. Chris Anderson

“At TED, every time we’ve listened to radical openness, we’ve been grateful,” says Chris Anderson, 53. As chief curator of TED–the Long Beach, California, conference of multidisciplinary luminaries turned viral-video phenomenon turned cultural juggernaut–the Brit has guided it into a newly global, open-source phase this year. Volunteers have translated thousands of videos into 76 languages and introduced TEDx, independently organized events that in the first year has produced an astonishing 500 gatherings in 70 countries and 35 languages. “Any business adviser might have told us 10 years ago, ‘Oh, beware! You’re going to dilute your brand,'” says Anderson. “TEDx has massively enhanced the brand by showing just how widespread this desire is to be stimulated and inspired.”

In the future, those who use the language of fear and ignorance to stigmatize others will be increasingly regarded as backward, small-thinkers. The future belongs to global souls.

If you learn of ideas that could transform your life, and you feel the inspiration necessary to act on that knowledge, there’s a real chance your life will indeed be transformed.