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The Vicious Relationship Between The News Cycle And Malware

According to one security company, it only takes 22 hours for criminals to target email accounts with fake CNN news stories.

[Image: Flickr user ScriptingNews]

How long does it take after a major story breaks for spammers to target email accounts with fake emails? On average, only about 22 hours.

Security firm Commtouch conducted a study of fake story links claiming to cover U.S. action against Syria. By and large, spearphishing emails sent to customers showed up 22 hours after real stories were posted online. And this time frame is steadily decreasing; Commtouch says fake Boston Bombing emails took 27 hours to circulate, and Pope Francis election emails took a much longer period of 55 hours to commence.

The company says these fake emails "(harness) interest and anxiousness about current events to increase the success of their malicious campaigns."

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