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Without Partners, Intel Might Kill Its Web TV Service

The launch has been postponed to 2014, though it's possible the chipmaker could shut down the project entirely if it fails to bring partners on board.

[Image: Flickr user Andy Price]

Intel may have spoken too soon when it said it would launch an over-the-top TV service for the holiday season. To take on cable and satellite heavyweights, the company is seeking partners to bring the service to market. Struggling to do so thus far, the launch has been stalled until at least 2014—and it's possible Intel could shut down its Internet TV project altogether if it fails to bring partners on board.

Intel has reportedly approached Amazon, Samsung, and Netflix as possible partners, though none of the companies have commented publicly on the matter. Furthermore, Intel has yet to finalize programming deals, but Bloomberg reports agreements could be secured in the coming weeks.

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