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Farm-To-Table Grocery Startup Good Eggs Lands $8.5 Million

Good Eggs, a startup that brings the farmers' market online, lands funding to expand out of the Bay Area.

Farm-To-Table Grocery Startup Good Eggs Lands $8.5 Million

[Image: Flickr user John-Morgan]

Good Eggs, a farm-to-table startup that specializes in delivering organic, local farm produce straight to subscribers' doors, has raised $8.5 million in funding from Sequoia Capital.

Good Eggs has been fully operating in the San Francisco Bay Area since last year, working to bring farmers' market-fresh, organic, locally sourced produce, meat, dairy, bread, and more to customers who can order it all directly to their doors from the web. It has also started operating pilot programs in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

The new funding will allow Good Eggs to expand its service into more cities by establishing more relationships with local vendors and farmers.