• 09.30.13

Terrified Haunted House Reactions Still Hilarious

The haunted house known as Nightmares Fear Factory, which doesn’t allow pregnant women or those with heart conditions to enter, has just released its annual treasure trove of scared visitors.

Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls opened up a rich comedic vein–not to mention an inspired marketing gimmick–when the acclaimed haunted house began posting pictures of demonstrably scared clientele online years ago. These annual photos have since become a fall tradition. Now, this year’s installment has arrived and, yep, people’s reactions to haunting stimuli are still highly amusing.


As Co.Create mentioned in our Halloween ad roundup last year, Nightmares Fear Factory has made a name for itself publicizing reaction shots of those who venture forth to test their bravery. The images viewers most respond to seem to be those where groups of hulking Jersey Shore-like dudes are all screaming and clutching each other. In fact, there’s probably at least some chance this haunted house was opened solely to produce just such images.

While providing laughs, the pictures are also compelling enough evidence to make people want to find out what exactly is provoking such a response (if you dig around online you can find out, but it’s best in this case to let your imagination do the work). Watch a video for the haunted house below and have a look through more images in the slides above.

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