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This Google Glass Competitor Has Already Shipped 50,000 Devices

Recon, which bills itself as a Google Glass for athletes, has already shipped thousands more devices than Google and secured investment from Intel Capital to boot.

This Google Glass Competitor Has Already Shipped 50,000 Devices

[Image courtesy of Recon Instruments]

Recon, maker of a $600 Google Glass-like wearable device marketed toward athletes, reports it has already shipped 50,000 of its "Snow" model, geared toward skiers. That's many thousands more than the number of Glass devices Google has shipped to date. Google has instead chosen to roll out its device very slowly, to only a few thousand people to start.

Recon has also secured an investment from Intel Capital to continue development on what Recon calls "the world's most advanced wearable computer." Although the debate over which wearable device can claim the title of "most advanced" is still up for discussion, Recon's current niche is high-performance athletes, which means it's more durable than the shatter-prone Google Glass.

"In Recon Instruments, we see compelling technology and a solid strategy to capitalize on the wearable revolution," said Intel VP Mike Bell, who manages the corporation's new devices group. "This is an area of significant focus for Intel Capital, and our investment in Recon Instruments is a key part of our approach to innovation in this emerging space."