IOS 7 Is Reportedly Making People Sick

Maybe Apple should bundle some air sickness bags with every iOS device sold. A thread on Apple’s support forums has users loudly complaining that the animation effects in the new OS are making them sick–like physically, I’m-going-to-puke sick.

Here are a few choice samples:

The design for iOS 7, which is the biggest ever revamp of Apple’s operating system used on iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch, features many zoom animations while multitasking and opening and closing apps, in addition to a slight parallax effect, which creates the illusion of 3-D layers stacked on top of each other. And while you can disable the parallax effects, there is no way to turn off the animations, something that is making users hopping mad.

To be honest, we’re not sure if all these people are spending their time rapidly switching between apps instead of actually using their devices. We’re happy to report that at Fast Company, at least, the grand total of people calling in sick due to iOS 7 has been zero so far.PD