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Pop Quiz: Which of These Isn't Adjustable?

It used to be that you'd buy something, and if you needed it to be different, you'd buy something else. But a new generation of products adapt on their own.

Pop Quiz: Which of These Isn't Adjustable?

[Illustrations by La Tigre]

Three of these adjustable products are real—spot the fake!

Adlens's liquid-filled lenses are for anyone: Twist a knob on the side of the frames, and adjust the prescription to your eyes.

Snapped a photo, but it came out blurry? No problem: The Lytro camera allows you to adjust the focus after it's taken.

Downsize to one pair of jeans: Pull Lucky's new fabric taut and they're dark blue; crumple and they look acid-washed.

Car Paint
Push a button and the car's exterior changes color, as particles in Nano Energia's paint move to reflect different light.

What's fake: Decades after the '90s Hypercolor fad, some heat-sensitive clothing is still sold. But there are no jeans that are this controllable.

A version of this article appeared in the November 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.