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Want to Be the Next Zuck? Step Right Up for Your Free Idea

Starting now, we're bringing you a billion-dollar idea each month—free of charge! To kick things off, we asked serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis to send us any he might have had lying around:

Facebook CEO
Mark Zuckerberg

[Image: Flickr user TechCrunch | C Flanigan | WireImage]

Parents will spend a lot to provide their children with a quality education. Why isn't there a $99-a-month tablet app with a never-ending series of enrichment modules to inspire and educate kids, with a monitoring function that gives parents reports in real time?

Got an idea you're not using? Send it to freeideas at fastcompany dot com and you might see it here next month.

A version of this article appeared in the November 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.

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