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Mobilizing, Part Two

New York University's Studio 20 Mobilizing series is ready to relaunch! Let's find out what happens when a group of mobile innovators get connected—to each other.

Mobilizing, Part Two

[Image: Flickr user Kristaps B.]

In January of 2013, Boryana Dzhambazova, Danielle Powell, and I partnered with Fast Company to conduct a network beat reporting experiment for our NYU graduate journalism Studio 20 project. We wanted to build a system in which the many contribute to reporting that is completed by a few.

We immediately thought of Ellen McGirt’s Extraordinary League of Women, which tells the stories of 60+ women who empower women and girls across the globe. How much stronger could that league be if it was digitized? What magic could happen if the amazing women in Ellen’s contact book were not only talking to her but to each other? Ellen is a connector and she facilitates some of that herself. Inspired, we decided to help build and tap into our own network of millennial women who are innovating in or with mobile technology. And thus Mobilizing was born.

After researching, networking, and reporting, Mobilizing is ready to re-launch. In its second phase, run by just me, Mobilizing is less about using its members and more about creating value for a them. By featuring and connecting innovative mobile experts, Mobilizing hopes, over time, to provide networking and learning opportunities for Mobilizers while gaining valuable editorial insight for Fast Company and its readers.

As the Internet offers the public an ever-growing list of news sources from which to choose, publications must provide a more personalized and responsive news experience that not only attracts but keeps readers. In order to do that, journalists must communicate with readers. Mobilizing does just that by connecting, informing, and listening to a network of women who have the world at their fingertips.

Aside from regular articles featuring Mobilizers, the project will include active conversation on the Twitter #FCMobilize hashtag, and a weekly newsletter with updates and prompts for a weekly Branch discussion that will get members talking.

Here's our first conversation—click here to join:

Publicity, information, networking… let’s do it!

You can sign up to receive our Mobilizing newsletters here. Join the conversation on Twitter here and on Facebook here. And if you know of anyone who is Mobilizing, please recommend her here.