Typo? Now You Can Edit Your Facebook Posts

Now you don’t have to lose all those likes and comments just because you noticed a typo in your Facebook post.

Typo? Now You Can Edit Your Facebook Posts

A small but long-anticipated Facebook feature that lets you retroactively edit your posts is rolling out in a new update for web and Android today, with an iOS update coming soon. It’s a first-world problem if there ever was one, but in the past, you’d have to delete an entire post (along with any likes or comments it amassed) if, say, you noticed a typo you wanted to fix. It’s a handy feature for those of us smartphone users whose autocorrect often bests us.

What I want to know: When is Twitter going to build this feature? It’s highly unlikely Twitter would ever build support for a retroactive edit feature–it would be all too easy to alter the course of your tweet history–but my sausage fingers would welcome it.

[Image: Flickr user theilr]

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