• 09.27.13

Take A Trip Through Photographic History With These Iconic National Geographic Images

National Geographic is celebrating 125 years of photographic exploration. The magazine shares some highlights.

One hundred and twenty five years ago, in October 1888, the National Geographic Society published its very first magazine. The publication’s innovations in photographic technology brought us the first undersea images to be shot in color and their pages showcased numerous historic explorations, including the first American ascent of Everest.


Next month, in celebration of these achievements and its 125th anniversary, National Geographic magazine will publish “The Photography Issue” and launch two new online platforms highlighting the power of photography: a new photo blog, Proof, and a photo-sharing platform called Your Shot. Via Your Shot, National Geographic will invite photographers to submit images for a digital assignment.

In the slide show above, a look back at some of NatGeo’s most iconic images from the last 125 years.

[Photos courtesy of [i]National Geographic[/i]]

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