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Apple Maps Route Sends Drivers To Airport Runway

The Vauxhall Nova arrived at gate number 17 and is ready for departure. Please have your passports and boarding passes ready for inspection.

Apple Maps Route Sends Drivers To Airport Runway

Workers at Alaska’s Fairbanks International Airport have had to put crash barriers up over an access road after an erroneous Apple Maps route directed cars over the runway. Earlier this month, reports the Alaska Dispatch, one such car was apprehended by airport staff, police, and the TSA. This comes one year on from the debacle of Apple Maps, when the firm replaced Google’s navigation tool with its own younger, greener version–before allowing Google back in on iOS.

Drivers using their iPhones are directed toward Taxiway B–normally used by planes to get onto the runway–where they then cross over the runway and drive toward the passenger terminal. Whether they then enter the terminal directly through the picture windows and park at check-in desk number 9 is not documented. Apple says it is fixing the problem, but it’s no stranger to this issue. A similar mistake at an Australian location in 2012 forced local police to issue a warning statement.

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