Post-it Notes Teams Up With Evernote To Bridge Analog And Digital

Though 3M considers Post-it Notes a healthy business–it sells tens of billions of stickies each year–it is attempting to bridge the analog and digital world by teaming up with Evernote to offer co-branded products (and a complimentary 30-day premium Evernote subscription). Using their smartphone camera, users will be able to digitize their hand-scrawled Post-It Notes.

What makes the new stickies so special? Much like Evernote’s partnership with Moleskine last year, Evernote’s app has received slight enhancements to help users record hand-written notes. In Moleskine’s case, the notebook’s special dotted lines helped improve image capture by a phone or tablet. With Post-it Notes, color plays a major role. The lineup for the new Post-it Super Sticky Notes includes electric blue, electric yellow, neon pink, and limeade. The Evernote app has been designed to recognize these colors, automatically digitizing and organizing the notes into different categories. In addition to the new array of 3-inch notes, Post-it also debuted an 11-by-11-inch version, Post-it Big Pads, and two note dispensers to keep desks tidy.

As part of this partnership, Post-it and Evernote will collaborate on products, license each other’s brands (you’ll see Evernote on Post-it packaging and the Post-it brand on the Evernote app), and share revenue from note sales and app downloads. “We view integration between digital and analog as very natural,” Jesse Singh, 3M’s vice president overseeing the Post-it brand, told Fast Company.

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