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100. Mikael Hed

If you're Suffering from sore thumbs and a burning hatred of chuckling green pigs, blame Mikael Hed. As CEO of the Finnish firm Rovio, he's responsible for Angry Birds, the insanely addictive smartphone game where players catapult kamikaze avians at egg-stealing swine. Hed is now using the game's success—more than 100 million downloads and counting—to launch an entertainment empire. "The passion people felt for Angry Birds made us realize it could be much more than just a game," he says. So far, Rovio has bulked up the Angry Birds brand with a line of plush toys and a tie-in game for 20th Century Fox's big-screen animation Rio. Next up is a Facebook game and, Hed hopes, a cartoon take on the never-ending battle between beaks and snouts.