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96. Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs was in college in London when he realized that architecture could no longer save the world. "After studying Le Corbusier and utopian designers, I saw that it wasn't really up to them anymore," says Sachs. "I figured I might as well indulge in what was more gratifying, which was building stuff." He presently spends his days on exceptionally well-made and deeply irreverent interpretations of modern icons—a working "Chanel" guillotine, a toilet constructed with Prada shoe boxes, a McDonald's made of plywood, a Hello Kitty nativity scene. His Space Program installation included a model of the lunar module with amusing additions, like a vodka bar. His most recent short film, 10 Bullets, is a hilarious guide to the code of conduct that employees of his studio, in New York's SoHo, must follow. "Creativity is the enemy," declares bullet point No. 1. "Stick to what has been defined for you to do."