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86. David Bohrman

"Internally, I'm known as the guy with the crazy ideas," says David Bohrman, CNN's D.C. bureau chief—who just got promoted to chief innovation officer for CNN Worldwide. Bohrman has been at the intersection of TV news and technology for more than 30 years, and even casual viewers will recognize his innovations: The Situation Room, YouTube debates, portable bus bureaus, John King's Magic Wall, the Election Matrix, and his plan to shoot the royal nuptials from the London Eye. "It's the mother of all jibs," he says with the enthusiasm of a mad scientist. His new gig means he's now a full-time tinkerer, so expect him to indulge his passion for holograms. "Reporters will be rendered live in front of the anchor, enabling natural one-on-one conversations from locales all over the globe."



I always encourage leaders of creative groups of people to go to the Tufte Seminars because it will make them think differently.

Is there a totemic object in your life that helps connect you with being creative?

I have a photo of Apollo 13 on my wall that was my Dad's. It reminds me that there is no limit to the foolishness of what traditional management sometimes falls into. Here you have one of the great moments in television and someone at CBS put up a slide reading "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" will not be seen today. The ridiculous of putting this on-screen helps remind me that it's okay to break the rules and it's the dumbest thing to get trapped in an old way of thinking.